Flat Tappet 8V engine no longer supported.

Valve Clearance for roller tappet bikes:
0.10mm (4 thou) Inlet, 0.15mm (6 thou) Exhaust

Air Filter:
Air filter must be stock and air box free of modifications.

TPS Reset:
After flashing the new map on a CARC bike, you must perform a
TPS reset and also an auto-learning parameters reset. This is extremely
important. Failure to do so may cause poor running.

For the V7, we relearn the throttle.
Reset your auto-learning parameters. In 'Measurements', check the reading for
'Throttle'. It should be 0.9 or 1.0. If the reading is anything other than
0.9 or 1.0, then (and only then), follow these steps:

1) In the top menu, go to View -> Actors
2) In any of the drop down menus select "Reset autolearning parameters", then click start
3) In any of the drop down menus select "Throttle self-learning", then click start.
3) In the top menu, go back to View -> Measurements
4) In any of the drop down menus select "Throttle", the value should now be 0.9 or 1.0.

Throttle Body Balance:
The throttle bodies must be balanced. Poor balance will
cause poor running, poor fuel economy and even pinging
in a worse-case scenario.

CO Trim:
CO trim can compensate for slight differences in the state of tune
of the bike. If you have a rough idle after checking valve clearances,
throttle body balance and performing the resets, use GuzziDiag to
adjust the CO trim. Do not adjust the trim more than +/-5. If you
find you need to go more than +/-5, then you have a mechanical
issue, or have installed the wrong map.

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