Flat Tappet 8V engine no longer supported.

Valve Clearance for roller tappet bikes:
0.10mm (4 thou) Inlet, 0.15mm (6 thou) Exhaust

Air Filter:
Air filter must be stock and air box free of modifications.
For Griso, I recommend removal of the air box snorkel only.

TPS Reset & Throttle relearning:
After flashing the new map on a CARC bike, you must perform a
TPS reset and also an auto-learning parameters reset. This is extremely
important. Failure to do so may cause poor running.

For the single throttle body V7, we relearn the throttle.
Reset your auto-learning parameters. In 'Measurements', check the reading for
'Throttle'. It should be 0.8, 0.9, or 1.0 for V7 & V7-III. For V7-II, 1.0 - 1.2.
If the reading is not within theses values, follow these steps:

1) In the top menu, go to View -> Actors
2) In any of the drop down menus select "Reset autolearning parameters", then click start
3) In any of the drop down menus select "Throttle self-learning", then click start.
3) In the top menu, go back to View -> Measurements
4) In any of the drop down menus select "Throttle", the value should now be within range.

Throttle Body Balance:
For dual throttle body bikes, they must be balanced. Poor balance will
cause poor running, poor fuel economy and even pinging
in a worse-case scenario.

Throttle Body Balance Procedure for CARC bikes

CO Trim (not available on single throttle body V7/V9 or Cali 1400):

CO trim can compensate for slight differences in the state of tune
of the bike. If you have a rough idle after checking valve clearances,
throttle body balance and performing the resets, use GuzziDiag to
adjust the CO trim. Do not adjust the trim more than +/-5. If you
find you need to go more than +/-5, then you may have a mechanical
issue, or I may need to tweak the map.

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